Repairing Porcelain-Metal Restorations
— Strassler, H.E.

Many patients, especially older patients, have porcelain fused to metal fixed prosthetics in which the porcelain has become worn or fractured, but the prosthesis is in otherwise good condition. Replacement of the prosthetics is usually a relatively high cost procedure, and frequently disruptive to the teeth and surrounding tissues. 

Fortunately, modern technology provides the possibility of successful porcelain repairs by allowing bonding of composite resin materials to porcelain and to underlying metal superstructures if exposed.  A clinical case report is described in which a Den-Mat micro etcher was used both on metal and porcelain, followed by Den-Mat GoldLink®and Cerinate Prime®on the metal and porcelain respectively. 

Den-Mat TetraPaque® was also used as an opaquer on the metal. Den-Mat Virtuoso®Sculptable was applied as the restorative composite resin.  The opposing occlusion was modified slightly to avoid excessive occlusal stresses on the repaired area.  The repair can be expected to provide good service for many years.