Less-Preparation Cerinate Porcelain Veneers for Worn Dentition Restorations

This article demonstrates how Cerinate Porcelain LUMINEERS can be used to restore worn dentition in a patient with extreme dental phobia; anesthetic and tooth preparation were not an option. A full-arch (1st Impression, Den-Mat) was taken. No temporaries were required. The LUMINEERS were fabricated with Cerinate porcelain, a feldspathic porcelain with a strength approaching that of aluminum oxide-reinforced porcelains. 

The completed post-operative view shows the polychromatic appearance, which is a result of the thinness of the Cerinate LUMINEERS. The exceptional strength of Cerinate porcelain, bonded with the Tenure/Ultra-Bond combination produces durable and reliable aesthetic restorations with an established success record.