A New Fiber Post for Aesthetic Dentistry
— Strassler, H.E. and Cloutier, P.C.

This case study shows the use of a fiber-reinforced post to strengthen the maxillary left central incisor, along with the placement of Cerinate all-ceramic crowns to improve the appearance of the maxillary teeth. Cerinate, a fired feldspathic porcelain, was chosen for its masquing ability, since the patient’s teeth were tetracycline stained. 

The etched porcelain crowns and LUMINEERS were treated with Cerinate Prime®* and a resin adhesive, Tenure S*. Tenure MP* was applied to the crown preparation, and Ultra-Bond Quik®* was used to cement the crown in place with a 20-second LED light cure. The author stresses the need for practitioners to understand the chemistry and instructions of the dental materials to make the best choice for each clinical situation. *Den-Mat Corporation.