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INVISALIGN is the new orthodontic treatment that straighten and align teeth without the use of metal braces. Simulated by computer, INVISALIGN allows a pretreatment simulation of the complete case. Accurate and mostly concrete, the simulation helps answer your questions about the time and steps within the treatment.

After the simulation, clear aligners are custom made to fit your case. Under dentist’s supervision, aligners are worn 22 hours a day for a period of 14 days before changing to the next set. Every two weeks, you can feel and see the progress of the treatment.

For the smile of your dream, metal free, book a consultation today.


CONFORTABLE, thank to the precision and assistance of the computer, the among of force apply within a set of tray is of lesser magnitude than those of conventional braces, therefore less discomfort and pain.

EFFECTIVE, alignment is based on individual tooth movements unlike the traditional orthodontics in which all the teeth are always solicited. Moreover, the simulation allows a degree of precision unmatched by traditional braces.

PREDICTABLE, with pretreatment simulation, it is possible to evaluate the treatment from every angle and try different alternatives of treatment on the computer. Therefore, trial and error are made on the computer, none in the mouth. The final treatment is not only optimized, but also tested.

A key advantage is the FREEDOM within the treatment. Wedding, graduation, photo shoot, there are no constraint to consider during this orthodontic treatment. It will change your life without giving you a metal smile while doing so. INVISALIGN is invisible and, if necessary, can be temporarily interrupted *. (* discuss these interruptions with your treating dentist) At Mdex, your smile is our pride.


  • 1) Initial consultation, photos, x-rays and measurements are recorded.

  • 2) 3D scan (scanning of the mouth) and accurate diagnosis.

  • 3) Development of virtual treatment plan through a simulation.

  • 4) Presentation of the simulation, time and limits of the treatment.

  • 5) Manufacturing of the aligners

  • 6) Follow-up every 2 weeks for the first 2 months.

  • 7) Follow-up can vary between 2 to 6 weeks depending on the progress of treatment.

  • 8) Finishing touch and stabilization (If needed, new sets of aligners will be ordered)

  • 9) Finish (aesthetic harmonization of dental wear) and balancing of the occlusion.

  • 10) Scan for the night retention for the long-term.


RETENTION: Just like with braces, long term retentions are required after the treatment. Retainers, always invisible, are worn only at night.

Throughout life, the cartilage of the faces grow . This is a natural process. Thus, the nose, chin and ears take in the volume over time. With age, the chin will tend to move forward. This will result pushing forward the lower front teeth against. They will collapse into those on top and this will cause a natural overlap of the lower incisors.



A new technology to align teeth by the successive use of customized aligners. It is called invisible orthodontics because there is no use of metal braces

After an initial consultation, photos, x-rays, 3D scanning and measurements are recorded to determine the treatment plan, objectives and limitations. After a precise diagnosis, the dentist sent a orthodontic prescription to ALIGN TECHNOLOGY.

At ALIGN, a 3D model of the teeth is made from the 3D scan, photos and x-rays. As prescribed by the doctor, a simulation of the teeth movement is executed to achieve the objectives. Following the simulation, the doctor receives a 3D simulation named ClinCheck. The dentist can then check and modify the proposed treatment.

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The simulation completed, dentist and patient meet for the presentation of the case (simulation). After approval, a series of customized aligners are manufactured and delivered to the patient who will change for the next set every 2 weeks. From every 2 to 6 weeks, the dentist will have a physical control inside the month. Week after week, patient can see his teeth move, slowly but surely.

For years, dentists have used clear aligners to realign minor case of dental misalignment. With INVISALIGN 3D simulation technology, efficiency and precision of the technique allows the correction of a wide range of clinical cases.

Certified and experienced dentists can use INVISALIGN to correct a large range of clinical cases. Patient must have their second molars completely erupted. According to the American Dental Association, between 66% and 75% of Americans have a malocclusion and can enjoy the benefits of INVISALIGN.

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The duration of treatment depends on the complexity of each clinical case. Treatments starts from 6 months and can go up to 5 years, depending on the clinical case.

In order to treat case with INVISALIGN, dentists and orthodontists must complete a specific certification first.

Generally, insurance companies that cover traditional braces, will cover the fees related to INVISALIGN. In addition, financing solution are also available. At Mdex, students members for ASEQ enjoy the privileges of the agreement between Mdex and their insurer.

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Over 3 million people worldwide have been successfully treated with INVISALIGN.

Compared to traditional braces, it is day and night. Now, between nothing and INVISALIGN aligners in the mouth, you will need a few days to get used to them. Generally speaking, there is a slight pressure on the teeth for the first two to three days. This pressure decreases gradually until the next set.


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