Here is the long awaited moment!

Reception and mouthing precision prostheses made o measure to your mouth . Below are the last steps:

Medical - Dentist 03.jpg


  • Submission of final prostheses
  • Adjustment in the mouth
  • Hygiene instructions
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  • Adjustment
  • Polishing
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RDV 7 - Control

  • Adjustment
  • Polishing

Aesthetic precision dentures are made by recording the nuances of your face and the muscles of your mouth. The recording of all the movements of the muscles during the mastication and the speech increase the final fit and minimize the adaptation period.

The aesthetics is based on the facial harmony and the way you react to the dentures. Of course, you will need some time to adapt and find all the comfort and confidence you seek. During that time, our professionals are listening and available.

Smile, eat, live with confidence!