The PRECISION DENTURES are custom made in reference to your month but also to the way your muscles move and to your face. In the fabrication process, they are mounted using an articulator that mimic closely the natural movements of the mouth. We register the form, the muscle but also the relative position of the mouth within your face. That allows to recreate a custom environment to simulate all movements of the jaw. The end result is a dental prosthesis which fits precisely and comfortably almost by magic.


  • CONSULTATION: Initial consultation with a denturist. Elaboration of the treatment plan and estimate of all the costs.

    FINANCES: Estimated treatment plan submitted to your insurance company. Credit application for finance if desired. FLEXIBLE payment plan UP TO 60 MONTHS with approved credit.

    PRIMARY REGISTRATIONS: Impression taken of both jaws in order to manufacture an individualized and specific to your month molds for the precision impressions.


  • Based on primary records, custom molds are made and enable the recording of high precision impressions of your month.


  • Trial and adjustment of the primary prosthesis with all the artificial teeth mounted.
  • Adjustment in relation to the function, appearance and aesthetics of the overall face. The main goal is to achieve of aesthetics and comfort for both the mastication and the speech.