Annual salary: in percentage (estimate $75 000 to $ 150 000 depending on qualifications, experience and performance) 

Hours: 3-4 days/week may occasionally include evenings and weekends as work demands 

Duration: 3 years contract

Smile and life is yours.
— Dr Bakhoa Nguyen

You are dentist and you aspire to treat your patients in a warm and professional environment. You like challenge and are looking for a stimulating and human practice environment. Keep smiling and join MDEX TEAM, a company with over 12 years of history of success clinically, but especially in human terms. Visit our Facebook page to get a better idea ( with more than 36k a fan page! JOY OF LIFE, that's the recipe for success Mdex for the past twelve years. 

We treat people before caring for your teeth! If you identify with this philosophy, try your luck and apply now. We are always in search of  professionals with high sense of altruism and duty. As a dentist, you will be called to supervise hygienists to perform basic treatments as well as in the fields of expertise that you have the skills and experience. Mdex is a group practice for inter-colleague reference, providing the best patient care and the best quality practice dentists. Yes, you have a beautiful profession, fly away with Mdex for a fulfilling and challenging career!


- To hold a doctorate in dentistry 

- Be a member of the Order of Dentists of Quebec 

- Be Passionate about your profession 

- Be professional

- Have a high standard of care 

- Be ambitious 

- Be independent and rigorous 

- Have team spirit 

- Having altruism 

- Able to work with the pressure and with a smile 

- Welcome to new graduates with an open mind towards learnin


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